Welcome to the New Motorcycle Safari Website

Years in the making! No expense has been spared! We bring you the ALL NEW Motorcycle Safari. OK, so maybe it was really just several weekends and we didn’t really spend that much, but, we are pretty sure you are going to love this very unique social website designed specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts of every […]

NPR’s All Things Considered considers WACO

On the Tuesday, July, 7 2015 edition of All Things Considered, the program spent a few minutes discussing the events in Waco Texas in May. Click the title to listen to the audio broadcast (6:51 in length) Texas Bikers Arrested After Waco Shootout Say They Are Innocent  Why is this story important? I think a […]

Rim Country District Bikini Bike Wash Pics and Video

Today, June 27, 2015, was the Rim Country District of the Modified Motorcycle Association of Arizona’s Annual Bikini Bike Wash. Motorcycle Safari was proud to sponsor BAND X as the entertainment and would like to thank all of those who turned out to have a great time, get their bike washed, and support motorcycle rights. […]

Waco Bikers And The Blackstone Ratio

Hey everyone. I received a great email from Bobbi Hartman who is the Legislative Researcher for the Modified Motorcycle Association (MMA) in Arizona. It had some really great information so I asked her for permission to share it with everyone on the site. —- Bobbi’s Email —- I know you have all heard me and others talk […]

NCOM Affiliates to Hire Ex-Texas Ranger to investigate; Urges Confederation of Clubs to Continue to Meet

PRESS RELEASE – 06/08/2015 – The National Coalition Of Motorcyclists (NCOM) ties together all of the country’s Confederation Of Clubs and Independents (COC&I) across more than 35 states. These organizations have successfully fostered a spirit of collaboration among diverse motorcycle clubs, independents and other legislative organizations from across the country for over 30 years. NCOM’s  board […]