I am not a patch holder because …

Someone recently asked me why I didn’t belong to XYZ Motorcycle Club (not a real club in case you were wondering). I have actually been asked this before, sometimes because an individual wanted to know if I was interested in joining their club and sometimes just out of curiosity. I have, on occasion, joked that […]

New Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation merchandise reminds motorists that “Left Turns Kill”

I was reading the “Motorcycle Safety News” on this site this afternoon and came across this article by SonoranNews.com. It reads, in part … PHOENIX – The Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation (AMSAF), which has made tremendous progress in making change in the Arizona motorcycle industry, now is offering short- and long-sleeved shirts to […]

2015 MMA Camp N Jam Photos and Videos

Well by the time you read this the 2015 Modified Motorcycle Association Rim Country District sponsored Cam ‘n Jam weekend will be mostly over. We had an awesome time hanging with great people, lots of fun times and great music. Band X on Friday night and Bonfire on Saturday night provided awesome entertainment. But the […]

Indian Fry Bread for the Road

About 14 years ago I discovered a tiny little road side Indian Fry Bread vendor in Payson AZ which is about 90 miles north of Phoenix. It was so good and so convenient I found myself stopping there almost every time I rode through. Then I moved to California and I figured that I had […]

Remembering Muskrat

Steve “Muskrat” Musgrave was born May 22nd, 1951 and passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack August 9th, 2015, at age 64.  He was our friend, brother and a fellow A.B.A.T.E. of Arizona member since April 1996.  Muskrat endured many ailments and issues, but hardly ever complained about them.  He accepted whatever came his way, […]